Mortalis - Mixed 4 Pack - Cerbrus, Hippogrif, Hydra Sandwich, Phoenix Fruited Sours

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Cerberus - This Fruited Sour blends together ripe raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry, creamy milk sugar, and marshmallows to create berries & cream in a glass. May our favorite 3-headed hound always stand watch over the underworld!

Hippogrif - This fruited sour blends tropical light fruits with creamy sweet flavors. We have blended passion fruit, orange, and lime puree with marshmallows for a tart creamsicle finish. One-part eagle and one-part horse

Phoenix- This Fruited Sour blends strawberries and lime together to form a vibrant colored smoothie. Inspired by a classic cocktail, it is thick and has fresh out of the blender vibes.

Hydra- This Fruited Sour blends passion fruit, mangoes, and peaches together to form just one of this monster’s many heads. Keep your eyes peeled for even more flavor combinations

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